Mom and I about 1937.  This
was before I'd even
heard of a
Governer Ronald Reagan invited the Mickie Finn gang to
entertain at his party in Sacramento.
My good friend Charlie Khederian always  provides the perfect
That's "Sugar" Willie and me at the original Shakey's
Pizza Parlor in Sacramento.  He's saying . . . "play a
flatted 5th darn it!!!
"The Silver Dollar Jazz Band", also know as "King Good Time
Pleasure Rag And His Front Street Levee Loungers", 50 years
later at a  reunion.
Sacramento High School's annual Variety Show
features the Original Silver Dollar Jazz Band.
In 1976 Rich Richelieu made me this
fancy bicentenial banjo and presented
it to me at the San Jose  Rally!
The NBC Mickie Finn Television show in 1966 jazzin' it up at
the Burbank studio taping session.
My friendship with Phil Howe,
clarinet and Burt Wilson, trombone
started in Junior High in 1947.
Carolyn and I will have been
married for 55 years in 2013. What
a wonderful bunch of years it has
It's 1935.  I'm testing the water.  Dick is ready to
swim.  In Holland we were the first ones on our block
with this back yard pool!!
My heroic mom, back in the US after we came
back from the occupation in Holland.  I call her
heroic because during the fighting between the
Germans and the Canadians she saved out lives!
My book: "Through A Child's Eyes" tells all about
this experience and many others during the German
occupation from 1940 to 1945.
After watching Eddie Peabody doing
one of his fantastic performances he
took the time to sign his picture for me.
I always enjoy playing with a string bass or a tuba.
I'm really "diggin'" our duet!
With "The Banjo Blasters" at the 2012
Tucson Banjo Blast.
This is the plaque that Johnny Baier, the director
of the Oklahoma City banjo hall of fame, put up
for me at the Banjo Museum in Oklahoma City.
This is Eddie Peabody and me playing a couple of hot choruses at the Mickie Finn Night
Club in San Diego.  Eddie was featured for a one week's engagement.  This particular
night he asked me to join him on stage.
What a blast that was!
My brother Dick and I fresh off
the boat from Holland in 1946.