Program #3
Program #3 gets really interesting.  It is devoted mostly to teaching you right hand techniques.  These are all
those interesting strokes, rolls, tremolos and syncopations that make the banjo such a unique instrument.  You'll
learn how to make an interesting, flashy arrangement, using your new knowledge of chords, strokes, and
syncopations.  By this time your friends will be begging you to play them your latest solos!  Towards the end of
Program #3 I explain the duo-banjo technique.  This is the technique that makes it sound as if you're playing two
banjos at once.  We also go into more complicated syncopated strokes, many of them used by the top
professional banjoists.  Then I'll give you some hints on arranging your own solos.
Don Van Palta
"The Flying Dutchman"

Richelieu Banjos Information
Lesson 1, The Pick and How To Hold The Banjo
Lesson 2, The Four Vibration Tremolo
Lesson 3, Accents
Lesson 4, "Beautiful Brown Eyes"
Lesson 5, The Three Vibration Tremolo
Lesson 6, The Two Vibration Tremolo
Lesson 7, The Trill
Lesson 8, The Glissando
Lesson 9, "Just Let Me Play My Banjo"
Lesson 10, Duo-Banjo Technique
Lesson 11, More About Triplets
Lesson 12, More Syncopated Strokes
Lesson 13, The Arpeggio
Lesson 14, Modern Chords
Lesson 15, "Dancing Strings"

Welcome to "Now You Can Play The Banjo" Program #3.  In Program #1 you got acquainted with the banjo and learned
several chords.  Then you practiced those chords by accompanying me on several songs and then learned to play two banjo
solos.  In Program #2 you studied some basic harmony and then really learned to find your way around the banjo.  But it's
this program that'll make a banjo player out of you!

When you see a professional banjo player performing somewhere, what is it about his playing that sets him apart?  I
believe it's the excitement and variety that he or she is able to put into the performance.  Where does this excitement
come from?  Part of it is the mental attitude and the variety of tunes the performer picks for that particular
performance.  But a big part of that excitement is the way those tunes were arranged, the rhythms, the strokes and
syncopations that were put into the arrangements.

This is what Program #3 is all about, the right hand technique.  How to do the two vibration, three vibration and four
vibration tremolos.  You'll learn how to do those glissandos and trills and syncopations that you've heard other banjoists
use, but never could duplicate yourself.

In Program #2 you learned the tune "Just Let Me Play My Banjo".  Starting out the  DVD of this program you'll hear me
play an exciting arrangement of that tune.  Towards the end of this program I'll teach this same arrangement to you note
for note and stroke for stroke.  Once you know how to do these various strokes in one solo then it's much easier to put
them into your other solos and add that special brand of excitement to your playing that has always been unique to the