Program #2
With Program #2 you'll do some basic harmony study.  You'll go on to learn how to construct all of your
chords, and I'll help you to memorize them.  Then you'll practice those chords by accompanying me while
we play nine more beautiful melodies.  Towards the end of Program #2 you'll learn three more "Chord
Melody" solos, and then we're ready for another jam session!  All you have to do is turn on your DVD
player and I'll be there to give you some solid backup.  

Following are the Index and the Foreword to Program #2.
Video or DVD Lessons for The Plectrum Banjo by:

Don Van Palta
"The Flying Dutchman"


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Lesson 1, Major Scales
Lesson 2, Major Chords
Lesson 3, Minor Chords
Lesson 4, Dominant 7th Chords
Lesson 5, Diminished & Augmented Chords
Lesson 6, "Raggin' The Frets"
Lesson 7, "Waltzing The Strings"
Lesson 8, "Banjo Blues"
Lesson 9, "Golden Slippers"
Lesson 10, "Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair"
Lesson 11, "Dixie"
Lesson 12, "Under The Double Eagle"
Lesson 13, "America The Beautiful"
Lesson 14, "Golden Slippers" solo
Lesson 15, "Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair" solo
Lesson 16, "Just Let Me Play My Banjo" solo
Lesson 17, "God Bless America" solo

Welcome to "Now You Can Play The Banjo" Program #2.  In Program #1 you learned enough chords to
accompany me on ten songs, in different tempos, various keys, in 4/4 time and 3/4 time.  Then you wrote
out the chords to three solos so that you were able to play both melody and accompaniment at the same

In Program #2 we're going to be equally ambitious.  You're going to learn a little bit about scales, because
this knowledge will help you to understand how the different chords are constructed.  Then I'll show you
how to locate all these chords on the banjo.  Then I'll help you to memorize them by exercises and by
playing melodies.  As we did in Program #1, I'll be playing along with you during each one of the tunes.
Towards the end of this program you'll learn three different solos and I've again put some interesting
accompaniment tracks on the DVD so that it will be fun for you to practice your solos.

I hope that learning to play the banjo will be as exciting and enjoyable for you as it has been, and still is, for