Program #1
Many of my students started from scratch.  They didn't know a thing about music or the banjo.  They started with Program #1 which
taught them some fundamental chords.  In a very short time they were then accompanying me on the DVD, and feeling a real sense
of accomplishment.  You can do the same thing, and before you know it you'll be accompanying me too and we'll be having a regular
jam session!

What's so much fun is that right away you're making music, because on the  DVD I'll be playing the melody to ten different songs
while you're reading the correct chords to accompany me.  At the end of Program #1 you'll learn, note for note, two regular "Chord
Melody" banjo solos, and then I'll accompany you!!

Next is the index for Program #1, followed by the Foreword.
Video or DVD Lessons For The Plectrum Banjo By:

Don Van Palta
"The Flying Dutchman"


Richelieu Banjos Information
About The Banjo
Caring For The Banjo
How To Hold The Banjo
The Pick Or Plectrum
Pictures 1, 2 and 3  (how to hold the pick)
Pictures 4, 5, 6 and 7 (how to hold the banjo)
Lesson 1, "Camptown Races"
Lesson 2, "Ring Ring The Banjo"
Lesson 3, "Oh Susanna"
Lesson 4, "Daisy Bell"
Lesson 5, "Just Let Me Play My Banjo"
Lesson 6, "After The Ball"
Lesson 7, "Love's Old Sweet Song"
Lesson 8, "Mighty Lak' A Rose"
Lesson 9, "Banjo Waltz"
Lesson 10, "Melody in F"
Lesson 11, The notes on the staff and note values
Lesson 12, "Camptown Races" the solo
Lesson 13, "Oh Susanna" the solo
Lesson 14, "After The Ball" the solo

My aim in publishing this banjo course is to make it easier for students like yourself to learn to play this instrument.  When I
became interested in the banjo back in 1947 it seemed that I was the only one in town who wanted to play the banjo.  There were
no teachers, there were no instruction books, and there were just a few records of banjo players available.  It was a real struggle
to learn to play, and then, when I finally did find a teacher, a lot of what I had learned was not correct.  So then came the even
tougher task of un-learning many of the bad habits that I had acquired.

Most likely you have encountered some of these same problems, because teachers are still in short supply, there is not a great
variety of instruction books on the market, and banjo albums are not exactly flooding the record stores.

Learning to play the banjo is still not easy, but with the help of "Now You Can Play The Banjo" books and DVDs you can truly
have fun as you study at your own pace,  in the privacy of your own home,  repeating any material that you didn't get the first time
around.  You'll be systematically learning all the basic techniques that you'll need to become a proficient banjoist.

There are a growing number of students of these programs and other related lesson materials who are now professional banjoists
and many more who are just having the time of their life entertaining themselves and their friends and family.  You can take a
look at some of these students and pros on the "Rogues Gallery" page.  When you become a student I invite you to send me your
picture with your banjo so that you can "hang" there too!

You've got a whole new, exciting adventure awaiting you, so turn the page, warm up your DVD player, grab your banjo, and let's
get started on your journey!