You're in for a real treat!  Whether you play the piano,
banjo, ukulele, guitar, mandolin or any other chord type
instrument, now you can play along with a real
professional dixieland band,  "The Natural Gas Jazz

By special arrangement with the well known Natural
Gas Jazz Band I've put together a way for you to play
along with their Dixieland band.  Whether the band
plays hot and fast or slow and sweet, you can stay
right with them as you read the original chord charts.  

Sure it's lots of fun to play along with a real band, but
there are also other benefits associated with it.  For
one thing you'll learn to read those charts.  These
charts were copied from the originals that the band
used to record these CDs.  Then of course you'll be
practicing all those chords.*  Play them at different
places on the neck so that you'll familiarize yourself
with the whole fingerboard.  As an added bonus you'll
gradually be developing your "ear".  That means you'll
know which chord is coming up without looking at the
chart.  This is especially true if you try playing along
without the chart after you've played with it a number of
times.  I've also furnished plectrum banjo chord
diagrams whenever the banjoist takes a solo.  You can
take your choice:  play the solo or continue to
accompany the band.

At first you might want to listen to the band play their
introductions so that you can get a feel for the tempo.  
After you've played the number a few times you'll
probably be able to jump in after the first barre or so .

Are you ready?  Well then, fire up your CD player and
strum along with the great "Natural Gas Jazz Band".
*Plectrum Banjoists: If you need to study your chords, I recommend my Program #2.
Volume 2


Zonky   (Murphy)
Forever   (Hadley)
Minstrels of Annie Street   (Morton)
Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night   (Waller)
New Orleans Joys
Cannonball Blues   
Someday Sweetheart   (Clute)
Minor Drag
As Tu Le Cafard?  
Singin' The Blues   (Gilbert, Baer)
Lover   (Waller)
Rockin"Chair   (Watters)
Sunburst Rag   (Hoschna)
September Song   (Carmichael)
Radio   (Watters)
Aphraesque   (Clute)
Sorry   (Hardin, Armstrong)
Volume 1


Red Flannel Rag   (Murphy)
Old Bones   (Hadley)
Sidewalk Blues   (Morton)
Blue Turning Grey Over You   (Waller)
Ragamuffin   (banjo solo)
Hanna's Mood   (Clute)
Red Flannel Rag   (banjo solo)
The Chant   
My Mother's Eyes   (Gilbert, Baer)
Sweet Substitute   (Waller)
Yama Yama Man   (Hoschna)
Star Dust   (Carmichael)
Song Of The Cybernetic Chef   (Watters)
Tears In My Heart   (Clute)
New Orleans Stomp   (Hardin, Armstrong)