I represent the Ome and Deering banjo companies.  I urge you to visit both their websites and take
a look at all their beautiful models.  You'll notice that most of their banjos are 5 string, but most of
them are also available in tenor or plectrum style.  I can assure you that among all of these models
of both these manufacturers you will find the one banjo that you've been searching for, and that's
just the right one for you.

As a Christmas special I am offering a generous discount on both the Deering and the Ome banjos.  
So when you order an Ome through me, you will receive a 10% discount.  When you order a Deering
through me, you will receive a 30% discount.  These discounts translate into a substantial savings
for you.

You can peruse their websites and check out all the different models by visiting the Deering
company at and the Ome company at

After you've decided on the company, the model, style and price, give me a call at: 520-335-8562 or
email me at so that we can discuss some of the added information you
might want and some of the choices that you'll have to make such as the type of frets, the kind of
vellum (head), whether you want added features such as carving, engraving, gold plating or
inlaying. You'll also want to know how long it will take to produce your banjo, what the final price will
be and how much deposit will be required.

Owning a finely crafted instrument will do wonders for your playing ability.  You'll want to practice
longer and harder because your new banjo will give the best playability and sound for your  added
fun and enjoyment.

If you are as old as I am and tired of hauling around a banjo that seems to get heavier every year,
Deering makes a model  with a Grenadillo hardwood tone-ring and a detachable resonator.  I
recently sold one of these to a friend of mine who let me lift it and play it a bit.  It has a great sound
and only weighs 6.5 pounds without the resonator.

This is how Deering describes the tone of this particular model:  The Hartford (or Sierra) has a big
rounded tone that is full bodied with great bass and sweet highs.  A mysterious quality of this banjo
is that with the Grenadillo wood tone ring this banjo will "play in" like a violin, meaning that after a
period of consistent use, the volume of this banjo will increase dramatically.  When this happens it
is as loud as a much heavier banjo with a bell bronze tone ring.

Following are some pictures of a Sierra plectrum model with the Grenadillo wood tone ring.

Here are some comments from students who bought either a Deering or Ome banjo:

"Don, I received the Deering Goodtime Classic II Plectrum Banjo a couple of days ago.  Man, does it have
volume! The action is very smooth.  I'm going to lower the action a little bit and it should play even better.
A. LaSalle, CO."

"Don, I got the
Deering Goodtime Plectrum Banjo this week and it is what I thought it would be, and more.  
It has good sound and weighs only 4 lbs!  The Vega I have has more ring in the sound, but it weighs 5 time
more!  S. Brown, TN"

"Don, I love playing the
Deering Sierra Plectrum banjo with the wood tone ring and the pop off resonator.
(see pictures of my banjo above the comments.)  It is as light as a feather and still produces great sound.  
The workmanship on the banjo is top notch!
B. Johnson, Tucson, AZ"

"Hi Don, I received my Juniper Open back plectrum
OME banjo with the 11" Silverspun Tone Ring. It's a
Very Nice Banjo!  I compared it with my Bacon & Day Silver Bell, without resonator, and light weight.  Same
kind of sound. I put some GHS strings 11-14-18w-26w (CGBD) . It has a Snuffy Smith bridge.  Maybe one
day I shall try a Farquar bridge (as you recommend). I am very happy with this new instrument!
Many Thanks
Claude, Paris, France"