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Don Van Palta, Banjo Instructor
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"Now You Can Play The Banjo"
Program #1 with DVDs in NTSC or PAL
$55 each.
When ordering 2 or more Programs pay only
$50 each.  (see
"Now You Can Play The Banjo"
Program #2 with DVDs in NTSC or PAL
$55 each.
When ordering 2 or more Programs pay only
$50 each.  (see
These are the plectrum banjo arrangements I
used during my 50 years of performing in
clubs and on cruise ships.
The Arrangements Sheet music folders, containing
the sheet music to all 80 arrangements
are available together on one DATA DVD for $50
Please add postage!  This includes one free sample
Lesson DVD or CD of the arrangement of your
choice.  When you are ready for another Lesson
DVD, just PayPal me $10 plus $7 postage.  Check
"Placing Your Order"
You can now order all 80
arrangement/lessons for the SPECIAL
PRICE of $7.00 each for a total of
 The DVDs are labeled,
alphabetized and placed in a convenient
cardboard box.
"Now You Can Play The Banjo"
Program #3  with DVDs  in NTSC or PAL
$55 each.
When ordering 2 or more Programs pay only
$50 each.  (see
You can now order any one of the 7 solo books
with over 100 solos on one DATA DVD!!  The cost
is now only $19!! That includes priority postage in
the USA!
When you receive your DATA DVD, you'll be able
to access any of the 100+ solos on your computer,
read it on screen, or print them out if you desire.
You can still order all 7 solo books for $50.
I have just finished the PDF version of all 7 solo
books.  This set of the 7 solo books is also
available on a DATA DVD for $60.

For your ease of looking up individual solos, at the
end of each book, both regular and PDF version, is
a "Main", alphabetized index of ALL the solos in
all the seven books.
"Dixie & You"
Volume 1
Includes CD of "Silver
Anniversary . . ." by
the  Natural Gas Jazz
Band.   $39.00
"Dixie & You"
Volume 2
Includes CD of
"Forever"  by
the Natural Gas Jazz
Band.  $39.00
see (
"Sing-A-Long Party"
Sing-a-Long Party with 42 great songs.
Spiral bound music book with
accompanying words only master
booklet only $39.00 see
(Check out the index on the
"Sing-a-Long page.)
Don Van Palta
"The Flying Dutchman"
CD $15
"Alive And Pickin'"
"Don Van Palta plays
Mickie Finn's"  $10.00
For purchases under $100, $7.00 in US and Canada.  For
purchases over $100, free for US.
All other countries we will bill separately.
Contact Don Van Palta
with your questions, comments or payments.
cell: 520-226-5732
"Clap Your Hands..."
with Charlie Khedarian  $10.00
"Don Van Palta Live On The
Holland America Line Maasdam"
DVD or PAL DVD $15.00
"Don Van Palta Live At The 1985
Seattle Banjo Rally"
DVD or PAL DVD $15.00
"My Life" by Don Van Palta  Book Review by: Jim Riley.
Every four-string banjoist will want a copy of Don Van Palta's new book.  More than an autobiography, it's a personal reminiscence of six decades of banjo
history, told with humor and candor by an iconic, two-time inductee in the Four-string Banjo Hall of Fame.  When you read it, by sure to buckle on your
banjo strap and hold on tight ----it's a fast-paced, engaging tale that will take you to night clubs, banjo palaces, music halls and beyond; you'll visit exotic
locations, foreign lands, fly planes and go on ocean cruises.
Don's lifetime contribution to the banjo's renaissance has been significant.  He was there at the start of the banjo's re-emergence during the mid-1950's and
he contributed significantly to its evolving popularity.  Many of us recall first discovering Don Van Palta on national television's Mickie Finn Show, where,
billed as "The Flying Dutchman", he was perched atop an upright piano, strumming finger-busting tunes --- wearing white gloves!  His long career as a
plectrum banjo artist touches every aspect of four-string musical endeavor.  Don's skillful renditions of banjo standards as well as classical tunes were
performed ---to name just a few --on the "road" with Jerry Van Dyke, at Shakey's, at las Vegas, at special events, and on many cruises.  In addition, his
fame as a performer was matched by his skill at teaching banjo.  As a result of his well-crafted banjo instructions, many of his students became stellar
Don's autobiography captures much of his personal and professional life.  You'll meet and admire his family, share his experiences from novice to
professional as he climbs the ladder and becomes a world-class plectrum banjoist.  He will take you along on a fascinating banjo odyssey around the world
as he reveals the joys and rigors of living the life of a professional musician.  And like his music, there will be lots of anecdotes along the way, to keep you
thoroughly entertained.
To order "My Life", contact Don at or call Don at 520-335-8562.  The cost of the book is $18.50 plus postage.
($7.00 for priority or $3 first class)
Use very little on a clean, soft, dry, cloth.  Just rub it in, let
it dry a few minutes, then buff it out.  It never dries.

$8.50 per bottle plus postage of $7.00 priority in US.
"MY LIFE"  This book is available through me in a regular book format for $18.50 plus postage or as a DATA DVD that you
can insert into your computer and easily turn the pages as you read it.  The DATA DVD format is $10.00 plus postage.
Jim Riley wrote a nice review of the book to give you a good idea what it's about.  It starts right below here in the yellow color.
Below are Don's 5 music CDs and 2 music DVDs.